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Student Life Articles

Date Published Article Title Publisher Views
December 13, 2018Broadcast Will Produce Winter Livestream SportsSharlo Rogers1,245
November 1, 2018Teamwork Builds FamilyJayden Gerber993
October 16, 2018We are Goddard PrideMakeesha Osborn936
September 27, 2018Girls Weights Builds ConfidenceCourtni Williams1,082
September 20, 2018 P.E Continues Without a GymSilja Fahnestock1,001
September 7, 2018Broadcast Will Produce Fall Livestream SportsSharlo Rogers385
December 15, 2017Time Management Mallory Mann479
September 28, 2017Students Get Involved At GHSBrandi Williams961
September 27, 2017Creative Writing Club Encourages Young AuthorsSarah Williams609
September 27, 2017Geometry Looks at Math From New AngleMallory Mann535
September 27, 2017Orchestra Class is for EveryoneMaria Hernandez955
September 22, 2017District Grad is New Face in FACSChloe Eck970
September 22, 2017Photo Imaging Captures Students MomentsKelley Thach565
September 21, 2017GHS Gets JazzyIain Cline810
September 20, 2017Freshman Honors English Prepares Students for CollegeEmma Woodworth825
August 25, 2017Broadcast Production to Livestream Fall GamesSharlo Rogers989
March 6, 2017Eck Qualifies for Journalism StateSharlo Rogers1,165
December 9, 2016KAY Club Brings Daughters and their Dads CloserTaylor Clary767
October 28, 2016Alcohol is Ruining Young People's LivesDaniel Nguyen1,095
October 28, 2016Volunteering Helps Animals at the Humane Society Madison Miller878
October 17, 2016Instagram Affects the Life of TeenagersEmma Mathes693
October 14, 2016Snapchat Makes Chatting More FunTaylor Clary829
October 14, 2016The Use of Cellphones in SchoolPaige Heick781
October 14, 2016The Culture of SpanishMadison Miller774
October 14, 2016Stress Affects Teens' HealthAly Hinckley665
October 11, 2016Temporary Braces Make Lifelong SmilesAubriana Gonzalez580
October 11, 2016Organization is KeySydney Morrow624
October 10, 2016Social Media Changes Way of LivingIsabella Holmes630
September 28, 2016The Goddard Fall Festival is Coming to TownKayleigh Gibson651
September 23, 2016 Theatre Fosters Self ExpressionEmma Mathes728
September 23, 2016Science Club Seeks New MembersPaige Heick725
September 16, 2016Orchestra Has Big Plans for HolidaySydney Morrow781
September 15, 2016Stuco Represents the Student BodyDaniel Nguyen609
September 15, 2016Electronic Babies Teach Students About ParentingKayleigh Gibson681
September 15, 2016Girls Team Sports Provides Recreational OutletRylee Veach754
September 15, 2016Goddard Students Are Learning GermanIsabella Holmes984
September 15, 2016Girls Get Fit at GHSAubriana Gonzalez682
September 15, 2016Marching Band Gets a New ShowTaylor Clary808
September 15, 2016Students in Ceramics Class Have FunClinton Schroeder662