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September 15, 2016

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Stuco Represents the Student Body

The Goddard High School Student Council (Stuco) is made up of five people in each grade voted by other classmen to be the leaders of their school.

“I am honored that people voted for me, and so much so that I became Freshmen class president,” Brenden Tran said.

Many students want to be in Stuco because they represent the student body and help with all the school events.

“I like that I can be a leader for the Freshmen, and the little bit of popularity that goes with it,” Brenden Tran said.

Clubs and activity groups can nominate representatives as well. Only one representative is allowed per club or activity. The representatives vote with the Stuco about anything that the students want to do. For example, if the students want to have a bake sale or a dance, the representatives vote on whether they want to have the event or not.

Every Thursday morning, all of the Stuco has a meeting with Mrs. Macias, the advisor of Stuco. They talk about upcoming events, meetings, and set up events.

Stuco helps the school with events like dances, homecoming, and Class of the Year. Class of the Year is a competition between Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors. The class that comes to the events the most, adding up each individual grade, wins Class of the Year.

“I think Stuco is fun. I get to be ‘behind the scenes’ of what happens in the school,” Brenden Tran said.