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September 15, 2016

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Girls Team Sports Provides Recreational Outlet

Team sports is a great class to take for those who love sports, playing games, being active and making new friends. In team sports, students get to play all types of sports and games. Students get to play a lot of the basic sports like volleyball, soccer, tennis, badminton, softball, football, and basketball. They also get to play other games like kickball, alley ball, doge ball, pickle ball, racket smack it, five base and a bunch of other fun games.

With the basic sports, there’s usually a unit over the sport. Sports units usually last about two to three weeks. Once, maybe even twice a week, Ms. Rita Smith picks a fun game to play, so students aren’t playing the same game every day. Some games, Ms. Smith lets students go outside and play so they can get some fresh air and have more room. Students are staying active and are getting involved.

 “It is a good way to stay active have fun and play a variety of team games, and a good way to meet new people,” said Ms. Smith. A lot of the students agree with Ms. Smith, “It’s a very active and fun place to hang out with your friends and get to play games,” said sophomore Makayla Keller. Teams sports is a more enjoyable class than weighs or regular gym because there’s more games and exciting activities.

“This is the first year I’ve taken team sports, my favorite thing about it is being physically active,” said senior Treana Wilson. A lot of seniors tend to take team sports. It’s a fun and stress free class for their last year at GHS. There are a variety of ages in team sports, but the majority of students are usually seniors. Most seniors have taken team sports every year since their sophomore year.

Freshman have to take regular PE or advanced PE (weights) before taking team sports. After taking regular gym or weights, then students will be allowed to take team sports, and can repeat the class as often as wanted.  It’s an optional class, so students are only required to take gym once. Every day in team sports students do cardio, stretching, sit-ups, pushups, and then of course, play games. It’s a good class to take because it’s a good way to stay active and stay in shape. Students who love sports and are athletic would really enjoy taking this class.