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September 15, 2016

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Goddard Students Are Learning German

At Goddard High School, many electives are offered. A popular one is German I. It is taught by Mrs. Jodi Schendel who also teaches at Eisenhower High. She teaches German I during 6th and 7th hour at GHS. She was once given the Giessen Scholarship to go study in Munich Germany. After her studying, she stayed there for a while as a translator for the South African Consulate General. Since coming back in 1993, she began her career as our district's German teacher. German is a favorite of many students

“German is a fun class and hasn't been too hard so far,” said Paige Heick, freshman. “It’s fun because we play lots of games.”

The year has barely begun, and students all have positive opinions on the class. There will be plenty more students filling out their schedule with German II next year.

Students all know each class has its pros and cons.

“The most difficult thing we’ve learned would have to be the frequently asked questions because they all sound so similar,” said Brandi Williams, freshman.

With the teaching of Mrs.Schendel, these kids will figure it out soon. There are many ways class becomes exciting so each student stays entertained but learns at the same time. It definitely won’t be a class people try to drop out of.

Not only does Mrs. Schendel teach the German language, she also teaches them background and culture of the country.The geography and native animals of Europe are added in her lesson plans. There are plenty of reasons to choose this class as an elective next year.

Overall, it's a great choice for any upcoming freshman or even upperclassman.

“I like how the teacher always finds a way to make the class fun,” said Conard Bush, freshman.