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November 1, 2018

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Teamwork Builds Family

On October 19, the GHS football team won the league championship. The game was against Andover, and the score was 32-3. The defense played fast and hit hard and only allowed three points. On the other side of the ball, the offense blocked and ran routes well. With this victory, GHS won the League Championship for the third straight year.

Both the offense and the defense contributed in many ways to get GHS the League Championship. The offense communicated with one another to learn to trust each other. The quarterback had more pressure than the offensive line because he had to throw good passes to the running backs and wide receivers so that they could score. But at the same time, the offensive line had an important job as well because they had to give the quarterback time to throw the ball or run.

Each individual was important to the team because the players all had a job to do, and they had to do it well. Some of the players had more pressure than others. Wide receivers had an important job because they had to catch the ball and then, still be able to gain yards after the catch.

“I like being part of the team because I like when the team scores, and the stands and teammates start yelling and getting hype about a score. And as you keep scoring, it becomes more fun,” said Cody Foos, freshman.

Goddard football would be no good without the defense. The defense worked hard to stop the opposing offenses from scoring.

“I also like being on the team because I like being pushed to the limits and hitting harder and harder each day,” said Aidan Morales, freshman nose guard.

Two players on the same team felt that different coaches pushed them. While Aidan Morales liked how the defensive coach pushed him to the limits, Freshman Jayce Peppered appreciated the help and being pushed by Coach Beason.

“I felt he pushed me the hardest because he encourages the whole team to do good, not just one player,” said Peppered.