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September 27, 2018

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Girls Weights Builds Confidence

Girls weights is a class for all high school girls who are not taking PE. Ms. Rita Smith is the instructor of this class.

“She’s pretty cool,” said Piper Hartzler.

All of the girls help lift each other with support and positivity. But besides the positivity, it’s important to be comfortable during weights.

“The space is a nice size and open,”said Riley Scoggins, freshman.

Many people would think a simple weights class is just building muscle, but according to Coach Smith, “Their self esteem improves.”

The class also builds confidence and health of everyone who enters the room. This class not only focuses on physical health, but mental health improves cause they become more confident. There is improvement with social health because it allows the students to communicate and talk to one another. So the whole health triangle improves with this class. But for some people like Kelsey Dimattia, a senior at GHS, it helps out in a different way.

“I’m getting better grasp on how to become more responsible.”

Kelsey is one of the most important people to this class; she is a student aid. So

while the class is working out, she is running errands for the coach. She still enjoys what she does, and weights class has also provided an opportunity for her.

“It’s introducing me to an internship,” said Kelsey Dimattia

So by observing this class, it has shown something that's more than a forty minute class, it has shown a growing family.