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September 15, 2016

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Girls Get Fit at GHS

Physical Education, or P.E. is required for all freshman at Goddard High. It is currently being taught by Ms. Rita Smith, who is the head coach of Girl's Golf and Softball. Mrs. Smith has been teaching P.E. at Goddard High for 15 years. Her class consists of different games and units, plus plenty of cardio. By the end of the year, the girls taking her class will definitely see a difference in their fitness.

“You run, a lot,” freshman Arely Martinez  said. “I can’t breathe half the time, and I sometimes go home sore, but at the end of the semester I’ll have killer abs and calves.”

Ms. Smith did warn the girls that cardio will be a big part of P.E. However, being in P.E will help a student improve their endurance. A lot of the girls dislike running very much, but they will soon realize how much more fit they will be just be running a half a mile in P.E. everyday.

The mile, for some students, sounds so terrible to run. Since girls do run a lot in P.E., a lot of them are excited to improve their mile time.

“A goal for me this year is to get a better mile time,” said Emma Mathes.

Not only do students run in P.E., but they also learn about different sports and play a variety of games.

“I like learning about sports because it’s interesting for me,” said Mathes.

The games played in P.E are fun and can get pretty competitive. Girls P.E. is practicing the volleyball unit in P.E.

“P.E. is fun, but I’m mostly looking forward to the soccer unit, because I play soccer,” said Bella Holmes.

P.E. gives the girls a chance to try out different sports and learn the fundamentals of it, even if they have never played before. Most of the time, while going over a sports unit, there are a couple of girls who play the sport and help others get the hang of it.

In P.E., everyone just helps each other improve and grow as a person while having fun. P.E. takes a lot of effort and exercise, but the satisfaction of feeling good as an individual after a long day of working out always pays off.