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September 20, 2018

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P.E. Continues Without a Gym

Goddard High School was behind schedule for finishing their gym floors. Nevertheless, freshman P.E. got creative and moved their daily exercises to the old weight room. Even without the use of the new gym, girls still enjoyed meeting every day to play games, work out, and talk with their friends.

“P. E. is my favorite class,” said Leah Martyn, freshman.

Some days when the girls couldn’t get into the locker room, they walked the track.

“My favorite part of P.E. is the walking,” said Lexi Prytherch, freshman.

Exercise is not something girls should only do in the P.E, but in real life too. P.E shows girls how exercise is very healthy for their body. Working out keeps girls fit and active. For most freshman, pushups, sit-ups, and running can be difficult, but girls do their best to do every move correctly.

“I’d rather have eighth hour P.E,” said Martyn,”though I like exercising and the ab workouts.”

P.E. includes a variety of exercises including cardio, strength, and agility. It’s hard for most girls at the beginning of the year, but by the end, girls are in shape and can do the workouts with correct form.

P.E. also has a section over each sport. These include volleyball, basketball, and tennis. Girls get to experience different sports and learn how each one is played. Tennis rackets, volleyballs, and basketballs are provided by the school for each girl to use. The school even allows P.E to use the volleyball nets, basketball hoops, and the tennis courts. Girls can get a feel for each sport and might even decide they want to try out for that sport later.

Overall, P.E. is a great way to get girls to work hard and stay in shape. Even though it’s a required class to take, most girls look forward to it each and every day. The unfinished gym did not stop these girls from having a good time.