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September 28, 2017

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Students Get Involved At GHS

Students are getting involved with Goddard High School and the community. Some of the student body have signed up to be in Kansas Association for Youth (KAY). The club is run by the assistant principal Mrs. Susan Perkins and the KAY officers.

Mrs. Perkins and the students in the club plan various activates to get the students involved with the school and the community of Goddard. The club does many things with the student body like Homecoming, Bring Your Own Banana day, blood drive, Mitten Tree, and volunteering with the elementary schools. KAY does things for the teachers at Goddard too like snack bags and lunches for them. The club also does activities for the community like the upcoming Olympics and the Father and Daughter Dance.

The club meets every other Tuesday morning in the “cave.” Mrs. Perkins provides the group breakfast every meeting.

“The food that Mrs. Perkins provides at the meetings makes my entire week” said Paige Albert, sophomore.

One of the upcoming events they are planning right now is Homecoming. The theme is “Once Upon a Time” and the dance will take place in the auxiliary gym. There will be a photo booth with unlimited amount of photos the students can take and also there will be a candy bar.

Another event they are planning is the Olympics which will take the place of Powder Puff and Power Buff. The event will include different schools like Clearwater and Eisenhower. The activities that will be played are similar to the previous event where boys played volley ball and girls played football. The proceeds will go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The goal this year is to have a bigger crowd than in years past.

“I’m very excited to see how the event comes together. I think that it will be more fun for the students, and it goes to a good cause,” said Hana Hamad, sophomore.