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September 27, 2017

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Creative Writing Club Encourages Young Authors

A far away land grows in one’s imagination like a new leaf on a tree every day until the story is finally complete and ready for paper. That is how stories are born and written. Many people have that yearning to write their own stories and get their ideas on paper, but they do not have any way to do so. This is why senior Taylor Jamison created the club and the class.

Creative Writing club allows students to express themselves in their own fashion. The club meets once a month in Mrs. Palmer’s room, B19.  Jamison asked the administration to start Creative Writing club and the Creative Writing class. She now serves as the club president.

“I started it going into sophomore year. We used to not have the creative writing class, and I knew there was a lot of people who were interested in writing. But there wasn’t any outlet for them, so I created it. I love writing, so I wanted to meet other people,” said Jamison.

Each month in creative writing club, students participate in activities with a different theme. On certain months, students work on main plots or characters, but sometimes there are different types of sentences that the students use in their stories.

This members of the club wish for anyone who has an interest in writing or developing their own stories to join. This is a great opportunity to meet creative brains and storytellers, but also read other students' stories and hear their ideas.

“I joined Creative Writing because I have a passion for writing and reading. It’s always been a hobby of mine, and I want to improve my art form,” said Stephanie Fisher, freshman.