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September 27, 2017

Published by Mallory Mann // Views: 1,142

Geometry Looks at Math From New Angle

In room D01, different minds think alike to solve equations, classify angles, and turn in homework on time.

With an average class size of 30 students, there are students willing to help anyone who doesn’t understand the lesson. A large class may prove to become beneficial in the learning process since there are multiple people who can help brainstorm answers.

“In a large classroom, it was easier to be social and talk with friends, as well as to check answers if my friends were in the same class as me,” said Rhett Brown, freshman.

The most crucial part about any class, including Geometry, is turning in homework on time. Receiving full credit, rather than 70%, may prevent diminishing scores on quizzes, maybe even letter grades. Asking questions to either the teacher or classmates, will reinforce key ideas of the content being taught.

“I thought it was challenging, but enjoyable,” said Brown.

Not having the added stress of homework each day can prove to become a sigh of relief.

“My favorite part of Geometry was how Ms. Eck gave us homework every other day,” said Katherine Bacon, freshman. “It was important turn in homework on time because it was a bit under 50% of my grade.”

Solving equations takes hard work and practice to master. These equations may become multi-stepped or include different variables. The collaboration of minds comes in handy when solving equations. As a class, students walk away learning something new each and every day.