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September 22, 2017

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Photo Imaging Captures Students Moments

Shoot, hang, and capture a person! Students at Goddard High School are not actually committing any crimes, but instead they are taking quality images. In the class Photo Imaging, students learn from Mrs. Melanie Huffman as she pours her knowledge of photography into their minds. Mrs. Huffman received her Masters in Art Education from Wichita State University.

Photo imaging is a very unique class. From just taking this one class students can learn and get the experience of how to take many quality photos. When learning how to use the camera, having it physically in your hands is an easier and a more efficient way to learn.

“I felt that I got a chance to express my creativity through taking pictures, and that I liked being trusted enough that I got to take a camera home,” said Arely Martinez, sophomore.

Just like any other class there are downsides to photo imaging. The district does not have enough money to fund the art program, but this year they have supplied 10 more new cameras for this class. In total, there are 24 cameras - a whole classroom set. More laptops are needed to fully equip the students.

“It’s very difficult to teach a digital imaging class without the digital hardware,” said Mrs. Huffman.

The experiences of this class could help student further their skills in photography. According to Gregory Hamel from, a job exploration web site, a photographer can earn anywhere between $20,270 and $65,510 a year depending on the job. A lot of the students really enjoy photography and do look at it as a future career.

“I would really like to be a photographer as my future career so that I can capture the moments and memories,” said Kiara Krueger.