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September 21, 2017

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GHS Gets Jazzy

“I like the groove of Jazz Band,” said Eric Caylor, freshman.

Jazz Band is an optional elective class that students can take if they are in Band or Orchestra. It may limit the electives students can take, but it is worth it. In Jazz Band, the students take a break from regular band and play some fun, loud, and catchy jazz music. The students also go to Jazz festivals, trips, and jazz concerts throughout the year.

During the beginning of the jazz year, the students practice hard on an audition song named “Work Song” that determines what section seat they will have throughout the year. In addition, the Band will go on trips during the school year such as their spring trip to Nashville.

“I like the fact that it is an upper level group, and we get to play hard music,” said Mr. Brett Morrison, Band teacher.

The director of the jazz Band is Mr. Brett Morrison. Mr. Morrison also serves as director of the Challenger Intermediate School Band, Goddard Middle Schools band GHS Marching Band, and is co-director of the Goddard High School Marching Band. Every day, Mr. Morrison is teaching Band to 5th graders all the way up to seniors in High School.

 “Mr. Morrison is good teacher and knows what he is doing,” said Parret.

The Band practices many jazz pieces each day. The charts they play include “Work song”, “Hawaii Five-O Theme,” “Land of Make Believe,” “Barnburner,” “Unit 7,” and “Act Your Age.” But the Band always starts rehearsal by playing the different warm-up scales.

“My favorite piece is ‘Land of Make Believe’ because it has a nice beat,” said Ryan Parret, freshman.

In Jazz Band, there are various kinds of instruments. There are three different types of saxophones in the Band, alto, tenor, and baritone. Then there are the trumpets, trombones, and bass trombones in the brass section. And finally, there is the rhythm section, which includes the drum set and bass guitar.

“I play the trombone because I think that the slide is cool,” said Jerimiah Holloman, senior.