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September 20, 2017

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Freshman Honors English Prepares Students for College

Freshman Honors English students worked hard this summer, quietly reading, writing, and brainstorming for their summer homework assignment. They had to choose one of three books to read and write a paper about. The choices were: I Am Malala, I Never Had It Made, and In My Hands. All were non-fiction. Students recieved their assignment at the end of last school year, so they had all summer to start.

These books teach the students who read them important life lessons, while they complete their papers.

"It's a good life lesson," said Brooke Sullivan, freshman. She read "In My Hands," a book about a Holocaust rescuer. The author tells about her experiences with World War II.

"I would never want something like that to happen," said Sullivan, on how the book made her feel.

Students take Honors English for many reasons. If a student gets an A in Honors English, then they will recieve five points on a weighted grade point average scale, instead of the average four point scale. Colleges and scholarships check students' GPA in high school to determine whether they believe the student will work hard in college.

"I thought it would look better for college," said Abbie Steele, freshman.

While some students take Honors English to prepare for college, other students have worked hard throughout middle school for this opportunity. Now, their work is finally paying off.

"Mrs. Martin said that I should do Honors English because I had been preparing for it for the last two years," said Kiersten Kreuzberg-Duncan.