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September 15, 2016

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Students in Ceramics Class Have Fun

“Ceramics is a creative class that helps students create 3-D works of art out of clay, and it is a good place that students can use their creativity,” said Ms.Linda Morgan, art teacher.

It is easy for most students to get good grades in ceramics. Besides getting good grades in the class, students may find other things to like about it. Students get to use colored pencils more than in other classes.

Art class can be really fun. The first project students make is a pinch pot. Some of the projects look very creative. Some pinch pots look like the most random things. There was a pair of pants, a Pacman with teeth, and bowls of fruit.

Pinch pots and coil pots may take at least two weeks to finish. The pinch pots the students are making are made of clay. Some students think It is really fun messing with the clay and getting their hands dirty. The tools students can use to make engravings look pretty cool.

The next project students get to make is a coil pot. This project tends to be a little tricker than the previous pinch pot. If it gets too wet it will crack and students need to have three or more designs. There are lots of possibilities for this project.

The glazes for clay projects are applied after the art piece has been fired. Glazes come in many colors and shades. It is hard to see what color a glaze a will be cause the color changes as it dries. When the art piece is finished, the student that made it gets to take the project home

 Lots of students have different opinions about ceramics class.

“I think ceramics is a fun way to learn new things,” freshman Shiloh Dodd said.

“Ceramics is a great stress reliever,” freshman Natasha Vaugn said.

There are a bunch of different jobs students can do later that involve art. Some examples are sculpting, architecture, and painting. These jobs can often take up a lot of free time and you may have to find time to do their work. They can also be very fun and creative.

Art class can be a fun period if students like playing with clay and sculpting things from it. They can take this class next year as an elective if students are interested in it.