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December 9, 2016

Published by Taylor Clary // Views: 1,365

KAY Club Brings Daughters and their Dads Closer

On Sunday, October 16th, the Goddard KAY Club hosted a Daddy Daughter dance here at Goddard High School for girls grades K-8. A total of 216 girls came out to dance with their daddies and their friends. KAY made a profit of approximately $1,000. The KAY club works to make GHS students and other students throughout the district school experience a fun one.

“It was a success,” said Susan Perkins, assistant principal. “We plan to make it an annual event.”

This year was the first year for KAY to put on a Daddy Daughter Dance. When a dad and his daughter walked in they were greeted by lanterns and candlelight while waiting to be checked in by members of KAY. After being checked in, they took a picture with their dads next to the moon from last year’s prom. Later, they made their way to the food line. Then, it was onto the dance floor, located in the auxiliary gym. Finally, they danced the night away. When it was thime to go, they picked up their picture in a beautifully decorated frame.

“We used decorations from last year’s prom so it looked pretty good,” said Chloe Holmes, freshman.  

With the overwhelming number of girls, there was almost not enough food. Luckily, someone was kind enough to run and grab some extra snacks and drinks. In the beginning, there were not enough chairs or tables for 200 plus girls. KAY is currently discussing how to make another event work more smoothly in the future.

“We’re still discussing what we want to do with the money, but we’re considering what the school needs and how it can be used for students and the community,” said Perkins.

The club is looking at doing more activities like this such as a Mother-Son event or a Senior Daddy-Daughter Dance. In fact, a Mother-Son event is planned for February 19th, 2017.