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October 28, 2016

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Volunteering Helps Animals at the Humane Society

Every 13 seconds, one animal is being put up for adoption. When owners bring their pets to the Kansas Humane Society, they are going into a safe, caring environment. The staff at KHS tries their best to bring happiness to their lives.

The Kansas Humane Society has many events that showcase their animals. On the first Saturday of October, there is an event called Woofstock. One can bring their own pets to play, groom, and walk. While at Woofstock, dogs have the opportunity to meet other dogs, and get prizes/gifts while getting out of the house and having fun. There are contests the pets can participate in, such as, best dressed and musical chairs. This is the most popular event KHS has.

“Last year, I took my dog to Woofstock and it was a fun experience,” said Jeni Laha, junior.

Woofstock is one of the fundraisers that helps the Kansas Humane society function on a daily basis.

“Working Woofstock is a great experience. It is exciting to see all the of the pets interacting and having fun,” said Hepler.

Every year, 2.3 million animals are put into shelters all over the world. Out of the 2.3 million animals 16,000 are taken to the Kansas Humane Society.  At KHS (Kansas Humane Society) 1,423 of the animals are victims of abuse. 70.1% are dogs, 20.9% are cats, and 24.1% are other animals.

People from all over Kansas take time out of their days to volunteer at KHS. Nearly 1,500 dedicated volunteers commit to over 20,000 hours per year.

“I chose to volunteer at the KHS because I want to help make it a better place for pets who have been hurt,” said Karen Hepler, volunteer.

There are many hands-on tasks to complete, such as, walking dogs, playing with cats, assisting the vet, and grooming all types of animals. If one would like to help but not be around the animals, they can help with admissions, laundry, and adoption support. The volunteers prepare the animals to be adopted.

“I adopted a dog from KHS five years ago, and I could not be happier with my decision. I chose to go to the Kansas Humane Society because I wanted to give a dog a safer environment,” said Brenna Swigert.

When adopting at KHS, there are things to do to make sure the pet finds their forever home. There are compatibility tests that are available for people's use if they are not unsure of a personality match.

“I took the compatibility test, and I ended up with a cat that fits my personality,” said Emma Warner, freshman.