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October 17, 2016

Published by Emma Mathes // Views: 1,325

Instagram Affects the Life of Teenagers

Instagram is the most used social media app behind Facebook. Facebook owns Instagram which was created in 2010. At least once a day, 83% of the Instagram account holders use it. Instagram is the most used social media app with teens. Instagram lets people connect with people anywhere in the world.

“I like instagram very much. It is a great way to talk with people, and be yourself,” said Lynze Kotschegarow, freshman.

Instagram could also be used as a dating site for older teens or young adults.

“Instagram is the best because you can find cute guys,” said Jeni Laha, junior.

Instagram was originally owned and created by Kevin Systrom. Instagram has over 80-million photos posted in 24 hours. On Instagram you can share photos with other users. There is a setting where the user can share privately with just all of his or her instagram followers.

Almost everyone nowadays has heard of instagram. Instagram is used for lots of things besides just being a social media. Instagram is used for Jobs, dating, sharing photos and lots of other things. Instagram lets you do lots of stuff. Instagrammers  can share photos with your family and friends either privately or publicly.

“Instagram is a good way to keep up on celebrities,” said Aubrey Hinckley, junior.

Professional photographers also use instagram to share their work. Instagram is a great way to get jobs too.

“Instagram is a good way to to express yourself through themes or other things you post,” said Kotschegarow.

Users can treat Instagram as a drop box because it lets them keep photos for as long as they want.

“Instagram can help you remember all of your old memories,” said Hinckley.

Users can Direct message anyone with their permission.

“You can make lots of new friends on Instagram,” said Justin Amarro, junior.