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October 14, 2016

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The Use of Cellphones in School

Almost every student in Goddard High has a smartphone that they can use in school.

Students use cell phones in both good and bad ways.

“I use my phone for class work and to text,” said Garrett Delmar, junior.

Many students use their phone in class for the right reasons. One of the reasons teachers let students have cell phones out in class is to work on assignments. Some teachers allow students to have it out in class after their assignment are done.

“I have one class that allows me to have my phone out after I finish my work,” Christina Ferley, sophomore.

Some students use their cell phones in a bad way. They choose to have their cell phones out to text or play a game. But many teachers don’t allow students to play games during class.

“When the teachers take my phone, they either take it to the office or, at the end of the hour, they give it back,” said Delmar.

Part of the student body thinks that teachers shouldn’t be able to take phones away from students. Other students think it is all right that teachers take phones away if they are using it in a bad way.

“I also think teachers should give you a warning before they take your phone away,”  Alyssa Koenings, freshman.

A couple of students don’t even take their phone to class. Those students leave their phones in their locker until the end of the day. Other students don’t have phones or smartphones, so they either can’t work on assignments in class or don’t bring phones to school.  

“I don’t take my phone to any of my classes. I leave it in my locker and wait until the end of the day,” said Koenings.

Students should learn the rules about cell phone use in each classroom to better understand how to use it in each class.