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October 11, 2016

Published by Aubriana Gonzalez // Views: 1,234

Temporary Braces Make Lifelong Smiles

In America, having straight teeth is a desirable trait almost everyone can agree on. In the past two decades, the number of teens with braces has doubled.  According to NYMag, nearly 80% of American teenagers are in orthodontic care. The need for straight teeth dates back centuries ago. It was a state of art. It did take longer to achieve a perfect smile then, but now it usually only takes 2-4 years to achieve a beautiful smile. People will do anything to get straight teeth, even endure the pain that comes with braces. There are many ups and downs of having braces, but ultimately in the end the results are very pleasing.

“The best part of braces is being able to eat cold stuff,” said Saige Heizer, freshman. “You know, like Ice cream and popsicles and stuff. Everytime my braces hurt or they get tightened, my parents take me to Braums to get a double scoop mint chocolate chip ice cream. That’s my favorite. Plus, they can’t say no because they don’t understand how badly my teeth hurt.”

More ice cream is always a plus for anyone, especially when the orthodontist recommends eating a lot of it. The pain a person with braces feels in their their mouth after they get tightened hurts a lot and since eating hard, solid foods makes it worse, a trip for a soothing, soft food is always a solution. However, there are some things a person with braces simply cannot control.

“The worst part of braces is food is always getting stuck between your braces,” said Mayra Macias, sophomore. “You can either feel it in your mouth 20 minutes after you’ve eaten, or you will be mid-conversation with someone, and they will point out the fact you have food between your two front teeth. It’s so embarrassing and gross.”

Appearance seems to be a big issue with braces. Some people, at first, feel self conscious with them. However, over time, a person will get used to them and realize they don’t look that bad. Of course, food getting stuck in braces is something no one can help, though it may be embarrassing having to pick at one’s teeth in the middle of class.

Some people only have to wear braces for 18 months, whereas others must wear them for three years. It all completely depends on how crooked a person’s teeth were before they got their braces.  If the teeth need more correction, then the process will be longer.

“When I got my braces off, my teeth felt super smooth and bigger than what I remembered them to be,” said Acelyn Garcia, sophomore. “You don’t recognize yourself at all, but eventually get used to it. I personally thought the long wait and pain definitely paid off. I was so happy with the results.”