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October 10, 2016

Published by Isabella Holmes // Views: 1,226

Social Media Changes Way of Living

Social media has a huge impact on the daily lives of teens all around the world. This can be in both positive and negative ways. Recently, more and more people have been using smartphones rather than a basic phone used for only texting and calling. On a smartphone there is an option to purchase many applications, or apps. The most common ones are social media based apps like Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. These apps may be very entertaining, but they can cause many problems in today's society. However, it also helps in positive ways.

Social media increases people's ability to socialize and communicate in person. It also increases our skills in connectivity. It isn't all based on cyberbullying and taking selfies. Although this has been a problem, it helps in ways some people don’t realize. Receiving “likes” on a picture increases the part of a teens brain that produces the self reward and confidence.

Another issue that may be caused from social media can be the thought of it being “too distracting” or “addictive.”

“I don’t really feel like I’m addicted to it. I could definitely give it up if i needed to,” said Kendall Frame, senior.

Students claim to be on it as often as possible but never seem to admit it as an addiction.

“I use social media probably about once every 20 to 30 minutes,” said Kendall Frame.

People think it causes cyber bullying or negative peer influences.

It seems easier to target one person when the “bully” is behind a screen and not face to face. The chances are, however, these “bullies” also harass their victim elsewhere as well. Social media isn't the spark of all the negative attention.

“Social Media does not cause cyber bullying. Bullying causes cyber bullying,” said Kendall Frame.

Some try to get more likes by posting pictures of alcohol or cigarettes. Even though this kind of sharing shouldn't be allowed, it doesn't seem to draw in the “likes” they are trying to get.

There are many popular apps out there all used for different things.

“My favorite social media based app I use is probably Snapchat,” says Kameron Frame, senior.

Snapchat is primarily a way to share life moments through a series of 10 second or less long pictures. The pictures expire after a period of 24 hours unless saved to the phone.

The apps vary from each purpose. Some are similar and some are completely different.

“There's so many apps to chose from. I have many social media accounts to keep me entertained,” said Andrew Reel, sophomore.