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September 23, 2016

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Science Club Seeks New Members

The Science Club is the largest club in the school. There are so many members in the science club that they had to take two photos in the yearbook because they couldn't fit everybody in the frame.

A lot of people join the science club for a few reasons. Many people sign up to get extra credit to help their grades. Other times people engage in activities to receive Class of the Year points.

“It’s great because you get two extra credit points,” said Jazmine Curtis, freshman.

Some people join the science club because of the activities they do in the club interest them.

“What interests me about taking science club is that you get extra credit, and it sounded fun when my teacher explained what you do in the club,” said Gabby Dextradeur, freshman.

The science club has a meeting every month. In the meeting, there are a lot of science projects. One year, they made a Christmas glass globes. They put colorful chemicals in the glass, and it made a colorful glass globe. They do more than just projects in a classroom with chemicals. They also do things to help out the earth, like clean up Kansas.

“It's great for extra credit because you get free points, and it’s cool to go and clean the highway outside,” said Rowan Heick, Junior.

On September 21, there was a meeting in Mr. Cline's classroom after school. Science club members cleaned up the side of the highway that they adopted. They earned Class of the Year points by helping clean up Kansas. All they had to do was sign up on the sheet on the science board. The first twenty people who signed up and showed up earned Class of the Year points for their class.