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September 16, 2016

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Orchestra Has Big Plans for Holiday

Orchestra is a class where students get to become a part of a team of performers who learn how to work together and make beautiful music. Orchestra is very much like a team sport. Everyone must work together all of the time in order to make the best performance. If someone isn’t putting in the work to get better, it will hurt the entire team.

In Orchestra class, students get to learn lots of new music and types of music. However, to make sure everyone is practicing their music and learning, they perform playing tests. Playing tests are where students are asked to play a part of their music to learn and practice, and then in a week or so, they go into a room and record themselves playing the music. The teacher, Kimberly Pfeiffer, then listens to the recording and grades them on how they did. Playing tests also tell Mrs. Pfeiffer where they should be seated in the orchestra. The students that play the best for that song often get put in the front/outside so, the audience can hear them best.

“The playing tests help us be prepared and let you know where you stand in your music,” said Megan Bay, freshman.

Another way that helps the students learn their music is by having sectionals once a week or as needed. Sectionals is where the students separate into groups by their instrument, and then they all practice together. They can help each other on parts of their music they are confused about and figure out how to play their music the best. To keep everything organized and running smoothly, Mrs. Pfeiffer will assign a section leader. The section leader is the person who tells their section what song to play and counts them off. Mrs. Pfeiffer rotates who the section leader is depending on the songs and concerts.

“It just helps me learn the music and the fingerings and the notes better. It also helps how they go through each measure of the song and they help you figure it out,” said Madisyn Pitts, freshman.

Something new the Goddard High School has planned for this year is Disney World in Orlando, Florida! Every four years, the GHS Orchestra goes on a big trip somewhere, and this year, they are going to Disney. They will be leaving on December 25th and returning on January 3rd. There is a total of 33 string students that will be going. The students get to make t-shirts and mouse ears. They are still figuring out what music they will be playing. So far they only have one song for sure.

“We are still selecting music, but we are looking at Allegro in D, Land of the Silver Birch and one or two other pieces. We are waiting on our audition application to be accepted, and we will know exactly how much performance time we have been allocated and where we will be performing. The audition process is very extensive. We submitted a video that shows our group performing two pieces from last year concerts and a picture of our concert attire, which Disney considers costumes. They are very picky about the costumes and performance levels of the groups. For Jazz, I performed on the stage at the diner which rises up from below Disney. There are a lot of secrets that Disney keeps, and we are under contract to keep them as well. Nobody under eight years of age is allowed in the performing groups or with them as they get ready for their performances,” said Mrs. Pfeiffer.

 The Orchestra does a lot of different things that help all of the students learn their music and perform the best they can, and to be the best when performing at Disney World. With that big trip ahead of them, this year will definitely be an exciting one.